Will Pendle get the Funding it needs in the Fight Against Covid?


Pendle based Liberal Democrat Lord Greaves pressed the government for answers when addressing Health Ministers in Parliament, urging them to fix the failing track and trace system and provide the funding needed for the fight against Covid-19 in this area.

“Council staff are working heroically in the front line of the Covid battle,” said Lord Greaves, “But why are district councils such as Pendle not being provided with sufficient funding to cover all the costs of this work?”

“Pendle’s determination to test, test, test and find positive cases is greatly hindered by the inefficient and failing national tracking, contact and isolate system and by the complex, obscure and bureaucratic way in which decisions on local restrictions and support are being made. Give us the tools and we will get on with the job.”

Government Health Minister Lord Bethell paid tribute to Pendle Borough Council, describing it as “an absolute model of local collaboration in the handling of a local outbreak.”

The Government Minister went on to say, “I am greatly encouraged that Pendle has stepped forward to do local tracing. I do not know the precise details and will not pretend otherwise.”

“The council in Pendle is well known for its energetic approach in dealing with the epidemic. I honestly say a massive thank you to all those in Pendle who are working so hard. The strategy is working and they are fighting the disease and breaking the chains of transmission, and we are all hopeful that Pendle will be restored to normal life as soon as possible.”


Following the exchanges Lord Greaves said: “There is a serious problem that the government is still not providing District Councils like Pendle with the support they need to do this work.”

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