Lib Dem Gordon Lishman Fixing Social Care System

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Gordon Lishman is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Pendle in the General Elections. He is looking to make fixing the social care system one of his top priorities.

“I’ve spent my working life dealing with the problems faced by older people and there is no bigger challenge than how we get social care right for the future,” says Gordon Lishman.

“We need to invest properly in our National Health Service – its been starved and we can see the results of that in every hospital and doctor’s surgery throughout our towns.”

Gordon Lishman is most recognised for his brilliant work as National Chief Executive of Age Concern and has campaigned extensively to get an adequately funded care system and improved NHS services.

We need to get the funding system in place to help older people to have a dignified life and help us, our parents, and our grandparents to be able to spend the later part of our lives as best we can.”

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Liberal Democrat Gordon Lishman on what needs to change in Pendle

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