Gordon Lishman Bringing High Tech Manufacturing Jobs to Pendle


Gordon Lishman Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2019 General Elections has made a statement describing how he intends to bring back high tech manufacturing work to Pendle in industries such as new green energy.

“Here we make things,” says Gordon Lishman, “this is a manufacturing area. Our towns are places where people have the skills to be able to make things.”

Gordon wants to see Pendle as a centre for new technologies in areas such as tackling climate change and providing green energy.

“We need to have the education and support that brings in these sorts of jobs, which enables us to then export the things we make,” says Gordon.

Liberal Democrats plan to give £10,000 to each adult in the UK to be used on the training and education they need for a new economy, helping to tackle issues such as climate change that will need the new technology and skills that will make a difference for everyone.

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Liberal Democrat Gordon Lishman on what needs to change in Pendle

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