Public Toilets Closed in Wycoller and Visitors won't Stand for it

Public Toilets Closed in Wycoller and Visitors won't Stand for it

Pendle Liberal Democrat Councillor Tony Greaves has spoken out over the confusion over the sudden closure of the public toilets at Wycoller Country Park.  “I was in Wycoller this weekend and visitors were asking what is going on. I’ve been chasing up the County Council in Preston and no-one seems to know what is happening. With the huge number of visitors including families that go to Wycoller this is a disaster in the making," said Tony Greaves.

Service cuts threaten tourism in Wycoller

As Leader of the Liberal Democrat group and Deputy Leader of Pendle Council, Councillor Greaves has been involved in discussions with the County Council over their proposals for service cuts in Pendle. The County are proposing to pull out of Wycoller, where they own the public facilities such as the information centre and toilets, and much of the land.

Councillor Greaves said: “We understood they had promised not to close anything this year until they had found another organisation to take over the Country Park. But now the toilets have a big red notice on the doors headed ‘Closure of Toilets’ and the doors have been locked.”



Notice at Wycoller Toilets offers "Confusion and Gobbledegook"

The notice reads: “Over the next five years the County Council needs to make savings of £262m…As a result of the continued budget reductions Lancashire County Council is considering the provision of all levels of service
provision which sadly will involve a reduction in the standard of service we provide. This involves the cleaning and opening times of these toilets with the possibility of the toilets remaining closed. From 1st May 2016 these toilets will no longer be cleaned daily with the possibility of further reductions of service.” There is then a phone number to contact for further information.

"A second LCC notice underneath the first advertises for a part-time cleaner but it’s not clear if this is for the toilets or what."Councillor Greaves said, “I rang the number and got a lady in Preston who said she 'didn’t know about this, we only deal properly with the Highways and we wouldn’t usually deal with this' and suggested I got in touch with Pendle Council who might know something about it!"

Wycoller Toilets Situation a "Shambles"

“This is a shambles, " said Councillor Greaves, "the situation is confused and the notices are gobbledegook. Is the closure due to the spending cuts, as the notice says, or is it because they haven’t got a cleaner? Why is there a phone number to ring to someone who is as in the dark as the rest of us? More importantly, what kind of place do they think Wycoller will become if there are no longer any toilets there? Let's remember that Wycoller is a residential village not just a place for visitors. Why can’t they keep them open until they transfer the Country Park to new management? Will the conditions of transfer require that the toilets are kept open?”

Contact Pendle Liberal Democrats

If you have any information regarding the public toilet facilities at Wycoller or if you have any questions or concerns on any other issue in Pendle, please get in touch with us directly. Leave your name and email address and we will get back to you straight away.



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