Still time to Vote in Local Elections 2016 but why should you bother? 5 Good Reasons

Still time to Vote in Local Elections 2016 but why should you bother? 5 Good Reasons

With the Local Elections running until 10pm tonight (5th May) there's still time to cast your vote, but why should you bother doing it in the first place? Here's 5 good reasons:

It’s free – whereas you would happily pay up to £1.50 (including network charges) to vote on whether you prefer a singing dog or a pole dancing granny on Britain’s got Talent, voting for your local councillors costs nothing at all, and there’s quite a lot riding on this including decisions on how large sums of money are spent. Councils account for a quarter of public spending –we’re talking  billions of pounds here.

It affects your own area – rather than the remote politics of Westminster and Europe that may seem like they don’t really include your own little patch in their thinking, local elections affect the running of most the services that are important to people like:  schools, libraries, street cleaning,  dustbin collection, leisure centres, local festivals and other important events.

They don’t happen very often - Unlike some countries, we don't get a vote on every issue or even a vote every year. The choices made today have a lasting impact.

Gives you more authority to complain about stuff – unless you register your vote you can’t really have a good old moan about everything if you didn’t take the opportunity to change things for the better.  So get out there and have your say, then you can enjoy whinging about it later completely free from guilt!

The weather’s nice – it’s not raining


Why Should you Vote for Liberal Democrats in Pendle?

Pendle Liberal Democrats have been working tirelessly on a wide range of local issues affecting Pendle, including:

  • Fighting to Save the local bus services as their existence was threatened by government plans to cut their funding
  • Opposing the fracking licence that has been granted in our area
  • Successfully campaigning and raising funding to save the Colne Rhythm and Blues Festival so it will take place again this August
  • Preventing cuts to police funding from taking place this year
  • Defeating the government on tax credit cuts for working families in Pendle
  • Fighting for the rights of disabled people in Pendle and helping to stop the government from slashing their benefits
  • Tackling the problem of empty houses in Pendle

Where do I need to go to Vote in the Local Elections 2016?

Colne Waterside Ward

Holy Trinity church Hall, Tatton St Colne BB8 8JE

Lesser Municipal Hall, Albert Rd Colne BB8 0BP

New Life Christian Centre, West Street Colne  BB87 0HP

For the full list of polling stations in Pendle please visit:



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