Schools in Pendle to Lose more than £5 Million under Government Cuts

Schools in Pendle to Lose more than £5 Million under Government Cuts

Pendle Liberal Democrat Lord Tony Greaves is calling on the government to come clean over the consequences for Pendle schools on their proposals for funding schools in the future.

According to analysis of figures from the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), the government will cut the annual funding for schools in Pendle by a huge £5.7 million in real terms by 2020.

“If these figures are correct, they are shocking,” said Lord Greaves, “if these cuts were all achieved by cutting the number of teachers, it could result in a loss of around 150 teachers in Pendle alone.”

Pendle Schools face Budget Cuts of £443 per Pupil

In the Pendle area, schools will face cuts of £443 per pupil on average. Some of the worst effected schools include Pendle Vale College which will see an annual budget cut of £782,000, Marsden Heights Community College who stand to lose £640,000 and Colne Park High School where a reduction of £453,000 can be expected.

“I shall take it up in the House of Lords to press the government to either confirm the NUT figures, or provide the actual figures if there is any discrepancy here,” said Lord Greaves.

“I will write to Andrew Stephenson to challenge him to take it up on behalf of all the people in his constituency,” said Lord Greaves, “I will contact each of the schools individually, bringing the claims to their attention and ask them to raise the matter with the government and their MP, and to ask them to suggest to parents of the school that they do the same.”

Pendle MP disputes NUT figures on School Budget Cuts

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson responded angrily to dispute the figures provided by the NUT at , calling it “scaremongering” and further claiming that the funding for schools in Pendle would actually increase by £600,000.

Lord Greaves responded with this statement:

“The chart issued by Andrew Stephenson MP which claims to give an accurate account of the school budget cuts, is wrong. So is the letter from Nick Gibb MP, the Minister for School Standards. The reason is simple –

These alarming figures add together the effect of three lots of changes on the amount of spending power that schools will be allocated in 2020 – on present proposals. Mr Stephenson and Mr Gibb only give the figures for one of those changes (which are bad enough for some schools in Pendle).
The figures that the local Liberals issued are not our figures – they are those which have been worked out by the two main teachers’ unions (the National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers). They are a combination of the Government’s so-called “fair funding formula”, the effect of the cash freeze on the amount of money per pupil (a real cut in spending power), and some extra costs forced on schools with no new money to pay for them including increases in National Insurance contributions and pension payments. They use the National Audit Office’s assessment of the level of inflation for spending by schools during this Parliament.

Anyone wanting to check all this can go to the national school cuts website which explains how the figures have been worked out and gives the figures for every school in England.

It is at  and is endorsed by the National Association of Head Teachers as well as the NUT, ATL, and unions representing non-teaching staff.

It shows that 98% of schools across the country will have a cut in their real terms budgets. It shows that they will lose some £3billion in spending power – in Pendle alone that could mean 150 fewer teachers. These are just the facts and the Government is not refuting them. Mr Stephenson would use his time better if he fought with us for the interests of Pendle pupils and teachers rather than just churning out standard Government spin.”

Contact Pendle Liberal Democrats

If you are concerned with School Cuts in Pendle or any other local issue then please get in touch today by filling out the contact form and Lord Greaves will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pendle School Cuts Table

School Budget Cut (£) Per Pupil (£)
Colne Park High School 453,311 463
Colne Primet Academy 139,806 474
Fisher More RC High School, Colne 347,407 472
Marsden Heights Community College 639,849 725
Pendle Vale College 782,488 763
West Craven High School 157,502 306
Barnoldswick CE Primary School, Barnoldswick 129,220 439
Barrowford School 73,614 184
Barrowford St Thomas CofE Primary School 55,228 449
Blacko Primary School 55,138 525
Bradley Primary School 97,654 241
Brierfield Walter Street Primary School 119,499 293
Castercliff Primary School 62,676 209
Coates Lane Primary School, Barnoldswick 109,065 522
Colne Christ Church CofE VA Primary School 83,522 445
Colne Lord Street School 69,106 193
Colne Primet Primary School 79,179 412
Earby Springfield Primary School, 42,208 299
Foulridge Saint Michael and All Angels CofE VA Primary 20,494 104
Gisburn Road Primary School, Barnoldswick 68,904 349
Great Marsden St John's Primary School 78,959 392
Higham St John's CE Primary School 65,656 462
Holy Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School, Nelson 54,822 266
Holy Trinity RC Primary School, Brierfield 58,579 553
Kelbrook Primary School 45,418 445
Laneshaw Bridge Primary 79,036 371
Lomeshaye Junior School, Nelson 198,663 564
Marsden Community Primary School, Nelson 223,104 532
Nelson St Philip's Church of England Primary School 45,519 328
Newchurch-in-Pendle St Mary's CE Primary School 36,088 722
Park Primary School 72,948 199
Reedley Primary School, 83,000 238
Roughlee C of E Primary School 46,614 1,195
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School, Colne 90,508 423
Salterforth Primary School 72,725 734
St John Southworth RC Primary School, Nelson 82,096 398
St Joseph's RC Primary School, Barnoldswick 67,042 469
St Paul's CE Primary School, Nelson 50,283 155
Trawden Forest Primary School 76,819 405
Walverden Primary School 93,552 222
West Street Community Primary School 171,128 995
Wheatley Lane Methodist VA Primary School, Fence 82,394 403
Whitefield Infant and Nursery School, Nelson 193,013 715
Average 131,485 443
Total 5,653,836
=£5.7 Million



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