Pendle Taken Apart by Boundary Commission Proposals

Pendle Taken Apart by Boundary Commission Proposals

It may be the end of Pendle as we know it. In order to reduce the total number of MP's in the country, the government proposes to redefine town boundaries  across the UK. Pendle would effectively be scrapped altogether and no longer exist as an area. Nelson, Brierfield and Reedley are to be joined up with Burnley, leaving Colne, Earby and Barnoldswick separated.

Councillor Tony Greaves responds to Boundary Commission Proposals for Pendle

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader of Pendle Borough Council, Lord Greaves:

The proposed new constituency of Clitheroe and Colne is an utterly stupid
proposal. You could only think that it has been designed as a safe
Conservative seat to provide an easy ride for life for Mr Stephenson!

In fact it is a result of a flawed process which the Conservatives have
forced through to keep themselves in power. Millions of registered voters
have been left out of the count, and the tightness of the numbers of voters
in each constituency has resulted in some ludicrous boundaries all over

How can it be sensible for Colne, Barnoldswick and Earby to be lumped in
with Bamber Bridge, nearly thirty miles away at the far end of the M65 and
the Colne to Preston railway line?

The new proposal is a silly Lancashire Sausage. It's the leftovers when the
rest of the county has been carved up. A left over seat for a part of the
country that the Conservative Government is leaving behind.


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