Pendle Conservative MP tells Untruth to House of Commons on BNP Deal

Pendle Conservative MP tells Untruth to House of Commons on BNP Deal

Pendle’s MP Andrew Stephenson was not telling the truth and misleading the House when he attacked the Pendle Council leadership in the House of Commons, says Liberal Democrat Councillor Tony Greaves, Deputy Leader of the Council.

“I again say categorically that there was no deal done on the Council budget between BNP Councillor Brian Parker and either myself or the Council Leadership as a whole. We did not have to 'rely on the support of the BNP
Councillor' to get the budget through – it was passed by 25 votes to 21 (partly because two Conservatives did not bother to turn up)."

Evidence Questionable in claims of BNP Deal

The only evidence that Mr Stephenson used was a press report in the Lancashire Telegraph that came from Councillor Joe Cooney – that is to say from Mr Stephenson’s own constituency office. Councillor Cooney is a senior employee of Mr Stephenson and uses a parliamentary email facility supplied by Mr Stephenson!

Pendle Conservative Attacks used as Distraction

The attacks by Mr Stephenson and Councillor Joe Cooney (who is Leader of the opposition Conservatives on Pendle Council) are just an attempt to divert attention from the despicable behaviour of the local Conservative party in trying to gain control of the Council by pressurising other Councillors to defect to them by systematic Third World style bullying.

Councillor Greaves added: “Other than the BNP, the only local party in Pendle that has been trading on covert and overt racism in Pendle in recent times is the Conservatives – as indeed we have seen in their leaflets, most recently in different parts of the same ward. They are playing the race card from both ends and creating a very dangerous situation.”

Tony Greaves is writing to the Speaker of the House of Commons pointing out that Mr Stephenson was not telling the truth, and that there was no deal on the budget, shabby or otherwise. He added: “Lying in Parliament is
a serious matter. It really is time that Mr Stephenson spent his time working and fighting for everyone here in Pendle instead of for ever making party political attacks on Pendle Council.

“To say we are turning a blind eye to racism is a despicable smear, from an MP who only this week was happy to vote down the Dubs Amendment.”

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