Liberals Furious over Pendle Police Station Closures

Liberals Furious over Pendle Police Station Closures

Following rumours circulating in Pendle about even more plans for closing
local police stations, Colne Liberal Democrat Councillor Dorothy Lord is
calling on the police and Lancashire Police Commissioner Clive Grunshaw
to “come clean” about their plans.

Already the police are closing front counters at Barnoldswick and Colne
and cutting the hours at Nelson. Now comes information that they are
considering the closure of all the existing police stations in Pendle,
notably at Colne and Nelson, with a view to opening a new “operational
centre” close to Junction 13 on the M65.

Councillor Lord says: “The removal of the police stations and police
presence in the town centres would be a serious matter. I have asked my
Liberal colleague, County Councillor David Whipp, if he will find out
what is going on. It is time for the police service and the commissioner
to come clean with people in Pendle about their plans and to discuss them
with the Borough and Town Councils and residents.”

Gordon Lishman, Liberal Democrat candidate in Pendle at the General
Election, said: "We warned at the General Election that more Conservative
cuts would put the local police stations in peril of closing. It seems
that our worst fears are coming true."

Pendle Council has already expressed its concerns about the closures and
cuts in the front counters, preventing people going in to police stations
to report problems and ask for help. The closure of the stations
themselves would also raise questions about the future of the buildings
and the effect of the loss of employment in the town centres affecting
their viability.


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