Hands off Trees and Land at Byron Road in Colne! Lib Dems issue Warning to Council

Hands off Trees and Land at Byron Road in Colne! Lib Dems issue Warning to Council

Colne Liberal Democrat Councillor and Deputy Leader of Pendle Council, Tony Greaves, has issued a warning against the Council trying to sell off land at Byron Road, Colne, for new housing. The land appears on a list of possible land sales which senior Council staff are presenting to the Council’s Executive on Thursday evening this week.

The land in question lies between Byron Road – part of the main highway route through the North Valley of Colne and the bungalows at St. Stephen’s Way. It includes around 30 mature trees. The report suggests that just eight houses could be built on the land.

Green Site with Mature Trees in Colne to be Sacrificed for 8 New Houses

Councillor Greaves said that this is a prominent green site on a major route through Colne. “Is selling this land for just eight houses worth the sacrifice of this green wedge with so many mature trees? In any case this is the site of an old tip which is why it was never built on in the past.”

Councillor Greaves said he thought that the trees were originally planted by a local Rotary club. “I think it was part of the ‘Plant a Tree in 73’ campaign in the early 1970s,” he added. “Whether or not that was the case, I don’t think they should be sacrificed now for such little gain.”

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Trees over 50 years old on Byron Road in Colne due to be cut down to make way for 8 new houses


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