Gordon Lishman to Stand in Pendle for the Liberal Democrats | Elections 2017

Gordon Lishman to Stand in Pendle for the Liberal Democrats | Elections 2017

Pendle Liberal Democrats have chosen Gordon Lishman to stand in the General Election. Gordon, who grew up in the area and lives at Briercliffe and fought Pendle at two elections in the 1980s, achieving the highest ever Liberal vote in the seat. Gordon Lishman is a local man who went to school in Colne and has lived in the area for most of his life.

Gordon was Director General of the national Age Concern charity and Chief Executive of the Age Concern Group. He led campaigning on many issues which affect older people and was awarded the CBE for his contribution to improving pensions, particularly for older women. Other campaign successes included getting over £20billion for the widows and widowers of people who had paid into the national pensions scheme, abolishing the system of pension reductions for people in hospital, improving nutrition and getting help with eating in hospital and care homes, abolishing forced retirement, and stopping age discrimination in the health service. He helped local Age Concerns around the country to develop important services for older people and has advised governments around the world on help for older people.

Gordon is the Chair of Burnley & Pendle Citizens Advice and of the national Gas Safe Charity which works to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and helps people to live safely.

Gordon has been an active Liberal and Liberal Democrat for most of his life. He is an elected member of the Party's Federal Board which is responsible for running the Party.

He is married with three grown-up children and five grandchildren. Gordon Lishman said: "I'm delighted to be fighting again for the Liberals in Pendle. Our policies and ideas have a great deal to offer local people, including
fighting for fair funding for schools, raising extra money for the NHS and social care, and protecting pensioners against the danger of Tory plans to cut annual pensions increases (the “triple lock”).

"The Brexit vote means that the UK will be negotiating to leave the EU. We don't know what the deal will be, but it's worrying that both Tories and Labour seem willing to accept any deal even if it’s very bad for jobs and investment in our towns. When we know what that deal is, we don't think that the final decision should be taken just by Theresa May or by Parliament - just like the original decision, the people should have the final decision in their hands and by their votes".

Pendle Councillor and member of the House of Lords Tony Greaves said: “We are very pleased to have such an experienced and committed Liberal back as our candidate. I would really love to be able to work with Gordon in
Parliament – someone who really would work for Pendle rather than his own glory.”


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