Colne East and Villages Neighbourhood Plan Abandoned | Pendle Lib Dems Welcome Decision

Colne East and Villages Neighbourhood Plan Abandoned | Pendle Lib Dems Welcome Decision

Colne Councillor Tony Greaves has welcomed the news that the Steering Group has abandoned the proposal for a Neighbourhood Plan covering “Colne East and Villages” – Laneshaw Bridge, Trawden Forest and some adjoining parts of Colne.

Councillor Greaves, a Liberal Democrat representative for Waterside Ward on Pendle Council, has previously criticised the proposed neighbourhood area.

Colne Neighbourhood Plan should include the whole town

“I am delighted that common sense seems to have prevailed. The suggested area, tagging a bit of Colne on to the two village parishes, made little sense. If Colne Town Council wants to set up a Neighbourhood Plan they should be looking at the whole town and particularly areas like Waterside where there is a lot of brownfield land. It was not an appropriate way to fight development at Windermere Avenue/The Rough, and may have put more land in Laneshaw Bridge and Trawden at risk," said Liberal Democrat Councillor Greaves.

“I am an enthusiast for neighbourhood planning – the problem was the area that was proposed which was not sensible. A separate Trawden Forest neighbourhood plan is an excellent idea and as a resident of Winewall I will do whatever I can to support and help.”


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