Liberal Democrats Tony Greaves and Gordon Lishman have strongly criticised the Conservative candidate Andrew Stephenson MP for failing to turn up to the hustings in Nelson last night which was organised by the Nelson Mission. Gordon Lishman is the Liberal Democrat election candidate for Pendle and his agent Tony Greaves is the Lib Dem Leader of Pendle Council.

Three of the five candidates took part in the hustings – Gordon Lishman (Liberal Democrat), Wayne Blackburn (Labour) and Brian Parker (BNP). David Penney stood in for the Green candidate who could not attend. The hustings give voters the chance to meet and discuss key issues with candidates ahead of the upcoming election.

The No-Show must go on!

Mr Stephenson failed to appear, failed to say whether he would attend, failed to send his apologies or any explanation, and failed to send anyone to stand in for him. Ironically this was on the same night that his leader Theresa May refused to join the other party leaders to debate the election issues on the BBC.

Councillor Greaves said: “Mr Stephenson goes to dozens of non-political local events by the month – tea-parties, childrens’ plays, presentations, jumble sales – you name it and he is there to beam at the assembled gathering and have his picture taken. But when it comes to properly debating real and important issues that affect people in Pendle, he is nowhere to be seen.

“He and his party delete critical comments from their websites. They block anyone who tries to debate issues on their social media sites. They don’t reply to letters that challenge their policies. He won’t even engage properly
with his local Council.”

Gordon Lishman said it was a useful and interesting hustings attended by about 60 local people and commended the Nelson Mission for organising it. He said: “We were told that Mr Stephenson was invited to attend and did not reply. He was asked again and said he was not sure and would be in touch. He was asked a third time and again did not reply. Then he just failed to turn up. This was disappointing.”

Tony Greaves added: “I am sorry to say that this rather rude behaviour is the kind of thing we have come to expect from Mr Stephenson and the Pendle Conservatives. It is not, in my view, how a public representative should carry on. It just shows contempt for local people and for the processes of local democracy.”

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