Pendle Council Elections 2019 | Brilliant Result for @PendleLibDems


Liberal Democrats absolutely stormed it in the Local Elections this year and Pendle was no different. The Tories lost control of Pendle Council with hard-working Lib Dem candidates being elected across the Borough.

Vivary Bridge in Colne was a massive gain for Lib Dems as former Conservative leader Joe Cooney lost his seat to Liberal Democrat David Clegg, winning back his previously held seat with 535 votes.

There were huge majorities in places as Lib Dems held onto seats in Coates, Craven, Old Laund Booth and Waterside, while similarly performing exceptionally well in the Town Council Elections, with 24 Liberal Democrat Town Councillors being elected in Pendle.

The makeup of Pendle Borough Council is now as follows –

  • 23 Conservative
  • 16 Labour
  • 10 Liberal Democrat

This means Liberal Democrats hold the balance of power in Pendle again and as leader David Whipp said, “Withdrawing from the talks about the proposed Pennine Lancashire Unitary Council would be a pre-condition to any offer of support from the Liberal Democrats.”

The @PendleLibDems team would like to offer our thanks to all those who supported us, including the voters who came out to vote for us and the many campaigners and volunteers who have done an absolutely amazing job in helping to make this the best result in the local elections we’ve had.

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