Stop Parking Charges on Colne Streets | LibDems Launch Massive Petition


A team of local Liberal Councillors are leading a big new push to stop the charges for on-street parking in Colne Town Centre which are being put forward by Lancashire County Council. One of Colne’s County Councillors, David Whipp, has written an update of the position and the team have circulated it to town centre shops, together with more copies of the petition of protests against the move.

County Councillor Whipp says that the vital vote, on a budget proposal to bring in on street parking charges, will take place at the County Council meeting on 14th February – St Valentine’s Day. The “STOP” petition will be presented at the meeting.

At a meeting of the County Council Cabinet on 3rd December last, the County Council Leader, Councillor Geoff Driver, refused to accept the petition which already had over 2000 signatures. Now it has many more with more coming in by the day. At the meeting next Thursday he will not be able to ignore it. It seems that he has tried to politicise this issue – the truth is that the whole of Colne is up in arms and standing together against the idea.

David Whipp said: “When the proposal was first made, the ruling Conservative Councillors promised a “proper consultation within two weeks” but this has simply not happened in the two months since then. Highway bosses at County Hall are now saying that the only consultation on the plans will be about the technical legal traffic regulations needed to create the ‘chargeable parking places’.

“In other words LCC will only consult on the details, not the principle of on street charges, which would be a disaster for Colne.”

Councillor Dorothy Lord urged everyone in Colne to band together to stop the charges. She said: “There is real anger and bewilderment in the town, among both traders and customers. For many years we have promoted the free parking in Colne as part of the attraction of our town, which has so many small and specialist shops dependent on people being able to stop off in the town as they pass through. We have to keep this.”

As well as Colne another 12 Lancashire towns are listed in the proposal including the other main Pendle town of Nelson. “We will work with them all to stop this threat to our town centres,” said Councillor Lord.

Print the Petition


Print the above petition and take it to your place of work or school and get as many signatures as you can to Stop Parking Charges on Colne Streets. You can also follow the campaign on Twitter with #StopColneParkingCharges

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