Colne Bus Shelters are a Disgrace | Pendle Liberals Demand Action


Two leading Colne Councillors – Liberal Democrats Dorothy Lord and Tony
Greaves – say that most of the bus shelters in Colne are “going
backwards” and are a “disgrace to the town”.

The larger shelters with adverts on the side are owned by the national
advertising firm Primesight which had a contract to provide them with
Pendle Council, which has now passed its end date. The smaller shelters
are now owned and maintained by Colne Town Council which took them over
from Pendle Council a couple of years ago.

Councillor Dorothy Lord said: “Since Colne Town Council took over the
smaller bus shelters they have been going backwards. Panels are missing,
they are being filled with unsightly pieces of plywood which keep falling
out, they all need painting and generally they are just a tatty mess.
Some are a danger to small children. I have complained about them to the
Town Council but nothing has been done.


“A lot of people in Colne including our Colne in Bloom team do their best
to make our town a place to be proud of. The bus shelters are really
letting us all down. If places like Barnoldswick and Trawden can look
after their shelters why can’t Colne?”

Her Liberal colleague Councillor Tony Greaves said: “The Primesight
advertising shelters are not such a prime sight as their name would suggest.
This is a national advertising company based on London and Manchester which
won the Media Brand of the Year Award in 2016. Surely they cannot be proud of
the rusty broken down hulks of shelters where they stick up their adverts here in
Colne and other parts of Pendle?”

Tony Greaves added that the contract with Pendle ended a year ago. Since
then, he says, Lancashire County Council and bus operators Transdev have
washed their hands of the problem and Primesight and Pendle Council have
failed to agree a new  contract, with Primesight wanting the Council to
take on the cleaning and maintenance of the shelters while the company
gets the money from the adverts.

Tony Greaves added: “I am fed up of everyone passing the buck. These
shelters are a disgrace. Colne Town Council have suggested they could
take them on but they can’t even look after the ones they already have.
It’s time to knock some heads together and get them sorted.”

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