Gordon Lishman to Fight for Pendle against Cuts to our Funding


The Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting to keep Britain strong in Europe, Brexit or no Brexit. The Conservatives are pressing on with a Brexit deal that will cause untold damage to people in this country, and Labour don’t know what they want.

If Britain leaves the single market it will risk millions of jobs – thousands of them here in Pendle.

The Liberal Democrats will oppose any deal that means leaving the single market. But most of all we want to give the British people the final say on any Brexit deal in a second referendum. Gordon Lishman said:

“We must not give the green light for the Conservatives to force the country into a divisive and damaging Brexit that nobody except UKIP voted for. A vote for the Lib Dems is vote against an extreme Brexit deal that causes nothing but harm. ”

Gordon Lishman Plans to Invest in our Children’s Future and stop Conservative Cuts to Pendle Schools

How will this be done?

  •  Investing £7.5 Billion extra in children’s education so no school loses money per pupil
  • Tripling the Early Years Pupil Premium to £1000 to give disadvantaged children the best start
  • Saying No to New Grammar Schools

Or the Alternative…

Savage Conservative Cuts of over £5 Million in Pendle

  • Schools are asking parents for donations
  • Teachers are being sacked
  • Some schools have even shortened the school day

£6 BILLION Boost for our NHS

The Liberal Democrats will provide an extra £6 billion a year to protect our NHS.

The extra funding will be paid for by an extra 1p on Income Tax. The money raised will be guaranteed for the NHS and social care services. The Conservatives are sitting by and letting a crisis develop in our NHS. Our hospitals face massive real-term funding cuts under the Conservatives.

Local campaigner Gordon Lishman said:

“Our NHS is at breaking point. It needs real investment to survive. The Liberal Democrats are being honest with people. By chipping in a little more we can safeguard the future of the NHS.

“We will all need the NHS at some point in our lives. The Lib Dems are the only party with a fully-costed plan to give our doctors and nurses the funding they need to continue providing a world-class health service.

“Liberals have led the campaigns against Labour closing the A&E at Burnley, then for the new Urgent Care Unit. For the new Health Centre in Colne. And now for a new health centre in Barnoldswick.”


5 years ago Pendle was a pioneer of local community policing. Local crime and anti-social behaviour dropped to levels not known for many years. Now the Conservatives are slashing funding for Lancashire police and it’s going back to the bad days.

Gordon Lishman says: “You ring up to report something, wait an age, only to be told that someone might come round the next day if you are lucky. It just will not do.”

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Gordon Lishman writes to Pendle Residents

Please give me your vote on June 8th 

Politics is a mess. Many politicians have lost touch with ordinary people like you and me. They don’t accept responsibility for leadership, setting out their own ideas and principles and aiming passionately to convince people.

Pendle’s MP needs to fight for Pendle, working with the Council, councillors, businesses and others to get the help that our towns need from government.  Brexit means that we will need an MP who will fight hard for jobs and investment where we live.

My Party stands for social and economic justice, tackling the inequalities in income, job security and health that have grown under Conservative and Labour governments.

We fight for good public services that have the money, skills and support to help people to have a good life.

Our country has decided to leave the European Union. Now we need to know how it would work.  The Government needs to be challenged to get the best possible Brexit deal – it won’t be easy and Labour isn’t going to do a proper job as an opposition.

When the deal is done – or we know what it means if they can’t do a deal – someone will have to decide whether it’s good enough. That could be just the Government itself; it could be Parliament or it could be the people. I think everybody should have a say, just like we did on the principle.

I’m a liberal.  I believe that people should take back control – not just in an occasional referendum or election, but every day and about everything that affects our lives.

Your vote will help Lib Dems in Pendle and at Westminster to build a new political system.


Please get in touch with Gordon Lishman today if you have any comments you would like to pass on to him or any issues you would like to raise.

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