Unite for Europe | Pendle Lib Dems join the March in London


Pendle was represented at the massive gathering in London on Saturday when the streets were filled with chants of “Stop Brexit now!” and songs as tens of thousands of protesters joined the Unite for Europe march. The calls for Brexit to be stopped came just days before the Prime Minister was due to trigger Article 50. The police estimate of the crowd  was 100,000 – one of the biggest marches the capital has seen.

Pendle Liberal Democrat Heather Greaves marches on capital against ‘Pending Disaster’ of Brexit


Heather Greaves at Unite for Europe Event in London
Pendle Liberal Democrat Heather Greaves marches on Capital against Brexit

Winewall-based Heather Greaves, a former teacher and Liberal Councillor in Pendle, said: “I went down with my daughter’s Danish husband (they live in Skipton) and my other daughter Helen and her husband and we had a really nice day. It took place in the shadow of the dreadful events of the previous week but there was a general feeling that ‘life must go on as normal’.

“It was lovely and sunny and everyone was cheerful and positive, not at all like a normal political demonstration,. There were people from all over the country and from different parts of Europe. Most of the posters and placards were made by individuals with lots of entertaining slogans. There was singing and good humour instead of the usual aggressive chanting, lots of family groups and absolutely no bother – and none of the pent-up anger we are still seeing from many of the leading Leavers.

“What is happening is a pending disaster. Mrs May’s ‘hard Brexit’ is only going to cause a lot more worry and turmoil for people living here and Brits living in Europe, for so many individuals, businesses, the health service, universities, farming, and so much more. It seems a lot of people will slowly get poorer as inflation overtakes wage rises. What we saw on Saturday were over 100,000 people saying ‘not in our name – this madness has to stop’.


“The Article 50 letter may be sent, but there will be a long time ahead and a lot of anguish before any final decisions are made. The longer it goes on, the more people will realise that the country made a terrible mistake, and it’s looking as though places like Pendle which had a majority to leave will be hardest hit.”

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